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This Page is where you will find all of the updated information for camp. This will updated as we recieve new information 


One of the most significant and life-changing ministries offered by our Fellowship would undoubtedly be Youth Camp and Kids Camp. Many of our churches make reservations for the camp of their choice in January and center their summer activities around that date.


The impact of COVID-19 has forced change not only in Oklahoma but literally around the globe. BREAKING NEWS has never been more consistent or disrupting in day-to-day planning.

Thank you for your patience as we have navigated these turbulent days of change. Our OKAG Team has prayerfully sought for wisdom, and our Executive Presbytery has endorsed the following plan of action for summer camp:

  1. Kids Camp for this year is canceled.

  2. Youth Camp (as currently scheduled) is canceled.

  3. There will be no camps during May or June.

  4. July will be a month packed with Youth Camps.

Subject to demand, we will offer eight weeks of Youth Camp – capacity will be limited to one-half of our normal occupancy, and camps will be shortened from a 4-night format to 3-nights.

Camp #1 July 5 – July 8

Camp #2 July 8 – July 11

Camp #3 July 12 – July 15

Camp #4 July 15 – July 18

Camp #5 July 19 – July 22

Camp #6 July 22 – July 25

Camp #7 July 26 – July 29

Camp #8 July 29 – Aug 1

Check-in will begin at 3 PM on the first day of camp, and dismissal will be at 10 AM on the last day of camp. 

Price: $139/student

This announcement will result in a logistical challenge and will require extended grace and patience; however, the Oklahoma Youth Ministries (OYM) and the Oklahoma Children’s Ministries (OCM) will serve each church and each situation as quickly as possible. Please allow our staff a few days for adjustments as many items still need to be addressed. We hope to be ready for your questions by May 15.

In the meantime, I would ask that you consider the date of your choice of camp. Also, reevaluate your “count” of attenders.

We will be in contact with you about options for handling your deposits. We want to make this transition as seamless as possible. Some churches will need a refund, and we would ask your patience as we work through the coming weeks. However, no church will lose their deposits. Our goal is to have campers and staff in place and deposits refunded as may be required by June 10.

I am aware that this action will result in praise as well as criticism. One big favor, however, please do not address our camp directors and their administrative assistants with negative comments or inappropriate criticism. Instead, address those items to me – personally. I am the Manager of the Complaint Department. My OKAG Team will be busy serving you.

Disclaimer: These plans are subject to change according to Guidelines given by the CDC and the State of Oklahoma as directed by Governor Stitt, in an attempt to demonstrate cooperation.

Linda and I are privileged to serve our Fellowship during these days of traumatic challenges. You are in our love and prayers.

Frank and Linda Cargill


  • Prior to departure, each group’s leader will need to complete the screening questionnaire for their group and turn in the form upon arrival at camp.

  • Check-in waiting area will be limited, distanced seating.

  • Each cabin is limited to 50% capacity with encouragement to alternate kids on top and bottom bunks and head to feet sleeping arrangements to maximize distancing.

  • Seating will be limited to 50% capacity at the dining center tables. No adding chairs to a table or pushing tables together.

  • In the Dining Center, you will be handed all utensils, trays, food and drinks. There will be no need to reach for any of these items.

  • Food Service lines will be limited to encourage distancing with delayed entry to food lines if necessary to limit gatherings.

  • All food service workers will be required to wear masks and regularly wash hand in the cafeteria and concessions stand.

  • All food service employees will be screened at the beginning of each shift, including a temperature check.

  • Seating is limited to 50% capacity in the worship center. Every other row of chairs will be removed to promote distancing. Attendees will remain at their seats for the entirety of service. We encourage groups to sit with their rooms/churches. Prayer times will be held with each room leader, to limit close contact between groups.

  • Plexiglas protection will be installed at the concessions and registration areas to limit contact.

  • Facilities will be sanitized by each room’s campers daily and again by camp staff in between sessions of camp.

  • Games will be played outdoors, with limited sharing of supplies between groups. •

    Hand sanitizing stations are installed in each cabin’s front & back entrances, the entrances to the dining center, entrance to food lines and other areas around campus.

  • The camp facility will publicly display CDC guidelines across the campus as reminder to distance and wash handsfrequently.

  • The concession stand will be cashless. We will be using bracelets to limit the transfer for money. When you arrive at camp, there will be a window open at the concession stand for campers/staff to purchase $10 bracelets.



  • Leaders asking kids to sanitize or wash hands every time they enter or exit a new building

  • Limit use of showers to every other shower stall if desired

  • Limit use of toilets to every other stall if desired

  • Ask and remind students to wash and sanitize hands after using shared equipment

  • Remind students to avoid touching their face with unclean hands at all times

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Our youth can join jYZOOM just like the adults. They will meet together, hangout, and grow in their faith. 


Our youth can join jYZOOM just like the adults. They will meet together, hangout, and grow in their faith.